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Online Training Now Available

Are you concerned about your child’s language development? You can now get one of our popular training courses online and view it in the comfort of your own home. Normally our trainings are $99 in person, but our web course is just $39.99. This course is designed for children who are using little or no language and/or have difficulty following directions.

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What We Offer


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are 30 minutes of direct instruction with 15 minutes set aside at the end of the session for parent and family training/consultation. If your child is enrolled in individual therapy, parents and families are expected to practice speech sounds or complete language activities when recommended by your therapist in order to make the most improvement with speech and language therapy. We are here to provide instruction and teach strategies but the real work must happen at home!


Group Sessions

Our group sessions are specially designed to help provide crucial foundational skills needed to fully benefit from therapy. Led by two speech therapists, sessions focus on speech and language skills as well as awareness, mindfulness, and pragmatic skills. They are one hour long and incorporate yoga, literacy activities, pretend play, arts and crafts, music and so much more. We believe that these groups are more beneficial for some children that require a longer session, structure, repetition, behavior management, self-regulation training, and peer interaction. If your child is chosen to participate in these groups we will evaluate your child’s progress at the end of each semester (January and May) to see if your child is eligible to graduate into an individual session or possibly even graduate from speech and language therapy all together.

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Feel like you need a little direction? We provide trainings on how to adapt home life to help your child become a strong communicator. Your child does NOT have to qualify for therapy services in order to request a training.  These  trainings will be available for purchase as a web course.

In Person

$90 for an hour long session with one of our therapists. Families are encouraged to invite anyone who is heavily involved in their child’s life to attend this session. Contact us to schedule.

Web Courses

Range from $35-50 and can be purchased and viewed online in the comfort of your own home. View or web courses here.


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