Time to Chat: Pros and Cons of Screen Time

Time to Chat: Pros and Cons of Screen Time

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If ever there was a time where the phrase “the times are a changing” were true, it is now. In the last decade humanity has seen a monumental shift in human action and interaction. Technology is increasingly becoming a constant in our daily lives and exposing people (young and old) to screens. This technology affords us astounding access to knowledge and communication that can certainly benefit our children. But in the wise words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

At Chatterbox we engage in back-to-basics play as our primary way of teaching, but we also recognize and utilize the awe of technology. In fact, some of our staff has developed apps to help improve speech and language. When we do use technology, we are sure to infuse it with the same basic educational concepts proven to benefit children. This course will highlight how to blend the old with the new so that technology is a vehicle of education, creativity, and imagination rather than something that dampens a child’s development. Along with this course, parents will receive complimentary apps and other “electronic material” they can take home and use with their children.

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