If your child has not meant some of the milestones listed below, please contact us for a screening, evaluation, and/or training.

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We offer two screening options

  1. Basic Screening

    What: A brief screening to determine if your child needs further testing.

    Cost: Free

    Time: 15-20 Min

    How: Contact to Schedule

  2. Screening/Consultation Session

    What: A screening to determine if your child needs further testing followed by consultation, strategies, and materials to take home.

    Cost: $40

    Time: 45 min.

    How: Enroll and we will contact you shortly to schedule.

Monthly Programs

A child’s progress is based heavily on making adaptations in the home and consistency. We have numerous programs designed to inform families and provide children with consistent, fun activities. The list below shows the numerous programs offered here at Chatterbox.

Contact to Enroll

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Music + Language = Amazing Results!