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This section will be an ever-growing resource to help empower parents to turn their daily lives into a natural educational evnvironment.

More Help with Articulation

Articulation errors are not always what they seem. Check out this video to see if your child is producing these particular kind of articulation errors. These are called phonological processes.




Help with Articulation

This video demonstrates some easy and effective ways to help elicit sounds with which your child might be having problems.

Laughter & Imagination in Education

Find out why goofing off and using imagination with your children is the imperative to making your child a better learner and member of society.

Choices, Withholding, Modeling & Expanding

See three simple techniques you can use at home to teach and build language. Whether your child is delayed in using language or you just want to ensure proficient use of language, these tips are time-tested and highly effective!

Beginning Steps

Are you concerned your child may be delayed in using language? This videos shows some basic approaches that speech therapists take to begin the process of eliciting communication and some basic signs to help your child communicate.

Crafts With Chloe

Check out this student-lead craft tutorial video. Learn about the sounds, looks, and patterns of fall! Download the pattern for this activity below.

Other Helpful Videos from Chatterbox